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Construction Services

Etech has performed numerous construction services projects for state, federal, and private sector clients. We utilize an integrated approach, which focuses on detailed project planning, safety management, budget control, the timely advancement of operational status. We maintain flexibility in construction management process, enabling the timely management of long-term strategy and short-term goals. This allows us to quickly address changing site conditions without significantly impacting budget or schedule constraints. We also pride ourselves in regulatory control and green disposal strategies. Client alignment and a commitment to safety are integral parts of Etech’s construction services. Even in logistically or regulatory challenging environments, you can rely on Etech to ensure that the needs of all stakeholders are considered, from the initial scoping of the project through the final operational kickoff. Etech’s safety record is second to none in our industry: Our experience modification rating – the rating used by the insurance industry to assess safety – is currently 0.78. Some of the construction services Etech currently offer are listed below.

Design and Build Services

Etech has the resources to complete your project from the planning and design phase all the way through operational startup. We have developed our reputation in construction by maintaining quality staff with over 75 combined years of experience in construction management and hands-on construction. We have listed a few of the specialized construction services below that we have performed recently.

  • Design and Construction of Buildings
  • Noise Control Barrier System Design and Construction
  • Waste Water Treatment System Design, Construction, and Operation
  • Waste Treatment System Design and Construction
  • Oilfield Tank Battery Design and Construction
  • Air Emissions Control System Design and Construction
  • Large Scale Design and Installation of Specialty Remediation Equipment
  • Design and Installation of Containments and Caps
  • Design and Installation of Spray-On Liners
  • Wetlands Construction
  • Stormwater Control Permitting & Best Management Practices Implementation
  • Large or Small Scale Site Preparation
  • Large Scale Vegetation Restoration
  • All Types of Fencing Design and Construction
Green Building

The depletion of natural resources along with increased demand and cost of energy have garnered serious global attention. Etech offers our clients many different sustainable design and construction options as well as innovative technologies. With sustainability now being viewed as critical to the well-being of our future generations, Etech has made this a priority in our construction projects. Successful projects must now achieve superior environmental performance as well as economic results. Etech can assist our clients in the following ways with “green” building options:

  • Develop Engineering solutions that are environmentally responsible, protective of the air and water, and minimize resource consumption;
  • Use of innovative, sustainable products and technology that maximize energy savings; and
  • Create competitive advantages through the implementation of sustainable design principles and life-cycle analysis.
Demolition and Decommissioning

Etech has performed numerous decontamination, demolition, and decommissioning projects for our clients. These projects have included field surveys, sampling and analysis, dismantling/demolition design, construction demolition phasing, recycle/reuse studies, and transportation and disposal cost analysis. Etech uses a number of resources to perform demolition and decommissioning activities, which may include one or more of the following methods:

  • Shotblasting
  • Scarification
  • Power washing
  • Steam cleaning
  • High-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) vacuuming
  • Solvent cleaning
  • Encapsulation
  • Equipment and piping dismantlement
  • Mechanical demolition techniques
  • Water cutting

Etech has the capability and personnel to help facility managers and owners keep their infrastructure and property in sound condition. Changing needs for space and expansion, new building codes, enhanced security needs, accessibility issues, and increased efficiency all can drive the need for site improvements. Many times this renovation can involve lead-based paint and asbestos abatement activities. Etech maintains a sound history of environmental remediation as well as traditional construction and hands-on project management experience and is ideally suited to provide you with an integrated, cost-efficient and complete renovation support services.


Etech employs quality equipment operators with vast experience in all aspects of earthwork construction. Our team has completed projects where we've moved up to 580,000 tons on a single project. Whether it's building a road base or trenching Etech is very qualified in all your earthwork needs. We have come a long way since the company started with only a few pieces of equipment. Over the years the company has continued to grow, and has become a dirt contractor that our clients continually come to for repeat business. We now stand ready to take on any sized project with all the latest equipment. We are here for all of your excavation and grading needs.

  • GPS Capabilities
  • Mass Excavation or Grading
  • Building Pads
  • Ponds
  • Site Clearing
  • Road Grading and Construction
  • Erosion Mitigation Scenario

    Best Management Practices Employed

    Limited or no vegetative growth

    fertilizer application, soil amendment application, conventional and hydromulch seeding, sod installation, mulch application

    Slope erosion and stability degradation

    turf reinforcement mat installation, straw wattle installation, geotextile fabric application

    Channel erosion

    channel re-grading, check dam construction, riprap and bedding materials installation 


    levee construction, channel widening and depening

    Construction runoff protection

    silt fence, hay bale, and staw wattle installations

  • Soil Stabilization
  • Levee Construction
  • Oil & Gas Pad Site Development
Erosion Controls and Mitigation Services

Etech has performed a number of projects for both private and public sector to help our clients with erosion mitigation at their sites. Etech is well versed in many different techniques to control erosion at your sites. There are many different environmental scenarios where erosion can begin and Etech has responded to a number of them as follows:

Coastal & Marine Environment Construction Services

Etech maintains a number of projects where we have tackled environmental issues in a marine or coastal environment. These projects present a number of very different obstacles than normal land based construction. Etech has performed well in these scenarios. A great example of our skills in this area was the completion of the End of Seawall Beach Nourishment project in Galveston, Texas in 2015. Etech rebuilt approximately 2,600 linear feet of beach west of the Galveston, Texas Seawall. This required the management of existing beach spoils, construction of a new sand dune at the base of the beach and installation of approximately 108,000 cubic yards of beach quality sand. Our team developed a successful strategy for construction that included solutions to the problems of tidal patterns and marine surveying to control and measure quantities.

Why Us?
  • Over 50 Years Of Combined Design And Construction Services Experience
  • Extensive Environmental Remediation Experience
  • Effective Green Building Approach
  • Qualified Personnel
  • Schedule And Budget Focused Management
  • Fully Insured
  • Affordable Rates

Etech has an outstanding staff of professionals with tremendous experience in all areas of construction. Our staff would be glad to discuss your construction needs with you and help you find a cost effective means that will achieve your operational needs.