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Qualifications and Experience

Founded in 2003, the Etech Team is well qualified to conduct all aspects of environmental and safety management to meet your firms needs. In fact our firm has grown every year since inception. In 2009, Etech has added to our regional resources by opening an office in Lafayette, Louisiana. Our office locations are detailed on the maps below:

Etech currently performs work for the following industries and regulatory agencies:

  • Oil & Gas Companies
  • Banks
  • Property Development Companies
  • Architects & Engineers
  • General Contractors
  • Petrochemical Companies
  • Insurance Agencies
  • Federal Government
  • State Government
  • Local Municipalities

Etech has truly grown to a firm that is capable of performing work nationwide. Etech is currently performing work for clients in Texas, Louisiana, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Missouri, Arkansas, Colorado, California, West Virginia, Montana, and Minnesota.

Our firm is dedicated to providing a quality team of Licensed Professional Engineers, Geoscientists, and Safety Professionals to complement our other environmental scientists on staff to perform at a high level the wide variety of types of projects found below:

  • Transactional Due Diligence – Phase I and II Investigations

    We have been detecting environmental defects for property transactions over the past six years at more than 800 sites across Texas. From regulatory reviews through risk assessment and the use of an innovative real-time database tools, Etech has proven strategies for conducting Phase I and II Investigations.
  • Remediation Services

    Etech performs remediation services on a daily basis that are integrated with site operations. This produces results for our clients at all types of facilities. Our Team will utilize a cost effective approach that encompass risk assessment strategies, land-use controls, and monitored attenuation to minimize the creation of active remediation sites requiring operations & maintenance support.
  • Environmental Compliance & Auditing

    The expertise of our personnel allows us to quickly have an eye for compliance issues at all types of sites. With personnel on our staff that were previously working directly for the federal, state, and municipal agencies, Etech can add the knowledge of auditing the status of over 1,000 sites in Texas alone.
  • Environmental Permitting

    Often time remediation and assessment activities at these sites require the development of permits. Etech has experience in the preparation of Air Permitting, Storm water Permitting (SWPPP), and Discharge Permitting (NPDES), to name a few.
  • Litigation Support Services

    Our licensed professionals have supported numerous customers with litigation assistance on projects such as well blowouts and the discovery of groundwater contamination in drinking water wells.
  • Support to Oil Field Operations

    The support that Etech provides in oil field operations for our customers, can provide RRC with a firm that really knows the inside details of how the O&G industry works. This knowledge is key when evaluating sites for remediation, assessment, or regulatory review.
  • Safety Compliance and Monitoring

    With a “zero accident” reporting history and training provided to our O&G industry clients, Etech can provide extensive knowledge in the area of Safety monitoring and evaluation.
  • Site Assessment

    Site assessment activities are the backbone of any environmental consulting business. Etech separates from the rest of the consultants by providing a record of long-standing history in the environmental assessment of many types of sites. From soils to groundwater, and air, Etech performs assessment utilizing real-time sample collection and data assessment tools enabling better decision-making in the field and limiting mobilizations.
  • Waste Management

    From NORM waste to typical hazardous and non-hazardous waste streams, chances are our Team has dealt with it. Understanding waste profiling and management for disposal can be critical to a project’s overall success. An example of this is our commitment to producing quality results for our oil and gas industry clients by becoming trained and licensed in the management of NORM wastes.
  • Construction Services

    Etech offers the capability to manage your construction project needs from project concept through system startup. Our staff of uniquely trained construction managers prides themselves in excellent project planning, organization, management, and safety control on our projects. We finish our projects ahead of schedule and on or under budget..