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Remediation Services

Etech has proven success in performing all forms of remediation. We understand the importance of financially and technically sound strategies that can be implemented safely and sometimes under tight schedules. In performing hundreds of remediation projects, Etech has developed an outstanding knowledge base in remedial strategies, while continually exploring for new and improved technologies. Etech offers a complete range of services for the treatment, removal, disposal, and restoration of sites with contaminated water and soils. Etech also has a network of disposal options that, where off-site disposal is required, will give you the most efficient and cost effective solution.

Etech knows that every site and every problem is different. Etech’s approach to the selection of a remediation/treatment technique is to first evaluate the site for the amount and extent of contamination and then, utilizing our extensive experience in soil science, geology, climatology, and hydrogeology, we develop a remediation/treatment plan which is specific to your site. We never attempt to fit the remediation problem to, off the shelf – cookie cutter, treatment technologies. Etech’s pledge to our clients is to deliver cost effective and timely remediation technologies. Etech offers a broad range of remediation technologies including the following:

Soil Washing

Soil washing has been used for many years to remove inorganic contaminants such as salts and heavy metals from soils. The process is relatively simple. A solvent, in many cases fresh water, is passed over and percolated through the impacted soil dissolving and removing the contaminants from the soil. The solvent containing the dissolved contaminants are then collected and either treated and reused, land applied, or transported for disposal. In some cases additives are used to enhance contaminant solubility. The treatment can be used on-site or, if the correct conditions exist, it can be used beneath the ground surface (in-situ). Etech has designed, constructed, and operated soil washing systems that have successfully removed contaminants from thousands of yards of impacted soil, reducing costs over conventional disposal methods by as much as 40%.

NORM Remediation

Etech is licensed with the Texas Department of State Health Services to perform assessment and decontamination of sites with Naturally-Occurring Radioactive Material (NORM). Since obtaining this license in 2006, Etech has decontaminated hundreds of NORM contaminated vessels, structures, containments, and impacted soils. Also, Etech has developed a proprietary process which enables us to reduce waste volume from produced water tanks impacted with NORM by as much as 60% compared to conventional disposal methods. Our safety program requires that every one of our staff be trained in NORM safety. In addition, we maintain a full staff of fully trained Radiation Safety Officers and Technicians that are involved in all of the NORM cleanup operations performed by Etech.

Soil Vapor Extraction (SVE)

SVE is a proven technology often implemented by Etech staff where a vacuum is applied through extraction wells to create a pressure/concentration gradient that induces gas-phase volatiles to diffuse through soil to extraction wells. The process includes a system for handling off-gases. This technology also is known as in situ soil venting, in situ volatilization, enhanced volatilization, or soil vacuum extraction.

Groundwater & Vadose Zone Remediation

Etech has implemented groundwater and vadose zone remediation strategies on hundreds of sites. Strategies implemented include, but are not necessarily limited to:

  • Natural Attenuation
  • Air Sparging
  • Dual-phase Extraction
  • Ion-Exchange
  • Vapor Extraction
  • Steam Stripping
  • Ultraviolet Oxidation
  • Pump & Treat
  • Carbon Treatment
UST Removal/Remediation

Etech maintains staff and resources capable of performing Underground Storage Tank (UST) removal and remediation. Our staff also maintains a close working relationship with regulators to ensure that remediation and removals are performed within the regulatory requirements.


Stabilization & Solidification is a proven soil remediation technique where contaminants are physically bound or enclosed within a stabilized mass (solidification), or chemical reactions are induced between the stabilizing agent and contaminants to reduce their mobility (stabilization). Etech has performed stabilization on hundreds of oil and gas sites throughout areas in the Rocky Mountains and southwestern United States.

Enhanced Biodegradation & Landfarming

The stimulation and use of naturally existing microbes in soil or water impacted with hydrocarbons or other contaminants is a widely used method of treatment and probably the most significant advancement in the last 15 years. In some cases an “adapted strain” is required where a medium, or carrier, that has been treated with microbes is added to the contaminated soil, and then thoroughly blended together. In either case, depending upon the age and type of contaminant, nutrients, oxygen, water and/or other amendments may be used to enhance biodegradation and contaminant desorption from subsurface materials.

Biological degradation is a cost effective, low maintenance remediation method that can achieve near total, if not total, destruction of hydrocarbons. However, the process does require time to achieve the desired results. Also, microbes are sensitive to lower temperature extremes and may become inactive when lower temperatures are present. Etech scientists have a proven track record in performing enhanced biodegradation projects.

In addition, impacted soils may simply need to be aerated by turning or tilling. Etech can perform this type of remediation at your site as long as it fits within State and Federal regulations for the type of waste requiring remediation.

Monitored Natural Attenuation

There are cases where the most effective treatment method is to allow nature to take its course. With recent changes in approach by most of the regulatory community, natural subsurface processes - such as dilution, volatilization, biodegradation, adsorption, and geochemical reactions - are allowed to naturally reduce contaminant concentrations to acceptable levels. Etech has the experience and technical expertise to determine when natural attenuation is feasible as well as design and implement the proper monitoring program that is required for this approach.

Containment & Capping

Where regulations allow and when feasible, capping and/or containing can be a successful means to addressing site contaminants. Etech has designed and installed caps and containments to address a variety of issues. Etech maintains the equipment and other resources needed to construct containments or caps for all types of remedial strategies.

Phase III ESAs

A Phase III ESA, when called for, involves the actual remediation; taking steps to restore the site to an acceptable condition. Etech routinely carries out almost all types of remediation. In addition to the many types of remediation techniques implemented by Etech on a weekly basis, our professionals are continually preparing quality pre-planning, post-implementation, closure, and safety reporting documents for our clients. Often these documents require little to no revision from the draft submittals. This can only be accomplished when a group of quality and experienced staff are maintained and available to our clients.

Risk-Based Closures

Cost effective site characterization, design, and implementation of a corrective action program can be very challenging due to both technical complexities and regulatory constraints. Etech evaluates the potential contaminants at the site, assesses the potential for human health and environmental exposure to these contaminants, and develops site cleanup strategies consistent with federal and/or state Risk-Based regulations.

Why Etech?
  • Over 90 Years of Combined Site Assessment Personnel Experience Fully Insured
  • Regulatory Agency Respected
  • Affordable Rates
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