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Sustainable Approaches

Sustainability is the one of the benchmarks of most of our environmental regulations. Etech has always put this idea into all of its projects regardless of size. Good conservation measures are important for the reduction of costs and preservation of resources. On any given project, Etech can incorporate any of the following sustainable practices:

  • Application of Technical Approaches that minimize off-site disposal
  • Use of Alternative Fuels such as Biodiesel, LPG, or LNG to power equipment and vehicles
  • Implementation of policies and practices for the reduction of the unnecessary consumption of fuels on job sites
  • Utilization of the newest heavy equipment that is available to comply with federal emission standards
  • Aggressive recycling of paper and plastic products and cans
  • Reuse-Recycling of wastewater
  • Application of Waterless Cleaning techniques to reduce water consumption during the decontamination of job site equipment
  • Using Solar-Powered remediation equipment

Etech’s sustainability program extends, wherever possible, to its subcontractors and vendors as well. By incorporating sustainability in our projects from design to execution, Etech has saved its clients hundreds of thousands of dollars, while reducing demand on natural resources and the liabilities associated with off-site disposal.